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Liner Notes: 

Humans are large percent water, water responds and is vibration, music is vibration, the vibrations in nature is the source of life.
This song aims to help me reflect on all these things and how they beautifully came come together.



I hear, I hope, I fly.
And the years bounce lightly on the wind.
I trust the waterbirds know just what to believe,
As the sound soaks deeply in.

I see, I touch, I am.
Does the brook choose just where to begin?
And I can feel it moving underneath my skin,
This waterwheel within.

This waterwheel within.

Like a precious stone, molded by love’s consistencies.
Waves of light, bouncing in and out of me.
Still clear sight, deep and wide,
Is always how it has to be.

I stand, I sleep, I cry.
And beg for love to be my life.
Tumbling falling dancing pulls me up and pulls me in,
To the waterwheel within

I breathe, I sit, I die.
But the stream still keeps me in its swim.
The music of the body teaches me to live,
With this waterwheel within,
The waterwheel within,
The waterwheel within.

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That is beautiful and meditative. If the guitar came down a bit in the mix, more of the nature sounds would burble into the mix.

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the waterwheel within, a much more pleasant description of our liquidity than blood. the music rolls along like handels water music. and yoi take a lower key tim buckley approach to the melody, both in ithe writing and performance. a really lovely song. putting us at one with the nature around us. something to calm the hysteria that sometimes interrupts our quietude..

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There's a lovely ripple to the melody and backing here, and the quiet delivery of the lyrics and the oneness of the whole thing is serene and illuminating.

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It's a very pleasant recording, like music therapy. There are invigorating background 'noises'.

"Living water" is something I will keep thinking about.

Your lyrics leave me wondering about many thing such as what the music of the body is. Maybe that's hearing, hoping, flying, seeing, touching...

I'm very much a vibration guy. To me light is waves, photons don't exist, the aether exists and Sagnac proved it.
There's vibration everywhere in the material world. But there's also a nonmaterial dimension of meanings and ideas and principles. Ideas that people from past millennia, like Pythagoras, share with us. And yet if Pythagoras could be transported here to give me a speech I might not understand one word. Because we use different languages to describe the same things.

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Your guitar playing reminds me of Hawaiian slack-key guitar in that it has that gentle soothing easy feeling to it. It supports the vocal very nicely. Your mystical lyrics help the feeling too.

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Well spotted I tend to call it alternative tuning, but this one is very simple E tuned down to D.