At the End of the World

At the End of the World

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Liner Notes: 

The lyrics are literally what came to mind when I wanted to add vocals, I didn't spend much thought on them, and only decided the song's title when I was finished.
There's a chance that when I started the intention was to challenge myself to write in a major key, and I thought I'd accomplish that by avoiding the black keys entirely, but I guess I forgot the A minor scale exists too, and I'm pretty sure that's what I ended up with here. Oh well, the result is a gorgeous song either way.

By the way, if you remember me whining a few days ago about how nothing worked (especially in the drums) in the first song I tried to arrange? This was that song.

I generally don't mark favorites, because I love 99% of my songs a great deal, but I feel something special with this one, so it get's the favorite mark.


What if you find yourself all alone?
In different times, in different homes
What if you find your purpose long gone?
Will you stay or will you run?

Why did you say we should stay?
What made you think this was all okay?
The world is crumbling, and so are we
You only have to wait and see
With me

What if your words make no sense?
Do you keep on singing in ignorance?
Do you pretend to know what's up?
Do you think you're really on top?

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This is beautiful and immersive. The lyrics registered a bit but the music was hypnotic, almost like the questions were being posed in a dream or subliminally.

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There you go, you’ve done it again! Love the A minor chords in that piano. When I let my voice write the melody, it’s usually some form of the key of A (as Ronnie Dunn once said). And then the kick boldly kicks in. Beautiful! Later, whip-sounding percussion before the haunting vocal effects. Wow! Now I’m inspired.

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I have th exact same problem, I make my self write in major and when I see it I'm either in minor or pretending those seventh and nineth chords aren't really minor chords I added nonsense to. I love how this song progresses from the really abstract moody opening to the calamity that follows, all blended seamlessly by your beautifuly haunting voice. Not only awesome and awe inspiring, but mostly inspiring