Wind in the Treetops

Wind in the Treetops

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Liner Notes: 

Cheating. Took an ongoing song, gave it a bath and shaved off most of the beard. Looks better this way, but don't know if it will ever be able to find a gal and marry.

And maybe I forgot to post the actual song. But here it is now! With melody, which everybody seemed to ignore, focusing on the lyrics. Now I can better understand why.


Wind in the treetops
Skies rushing on
Grass littered with bones

Rain in the morning
Rain through the day
Men drowned down the coast

Moon in the nigt
Stars shining through
Sit here surrounded by ghosts

Wind in the treetops
Skies rushing on
Grass littered with bones

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Interesting, short lyric.

I get this more easily than the other Farmer ID account stuff; I read it but can't comment on what I don't get Smile Anyway, good to see you back.

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Apocalyptic haiku? Nice, I can imagine this spoken over a guitar in modal tuning.

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The enigmatic lyric has me interested to hear more, but I get that more would not explain it any better. This is good. Needs some strange and compelling music to push behind it.

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sounds like a thriller book cover. i can imagine something quite ethereal with this

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I’d marry this lyric! It’s mysterious and has strong visual power. Very handsome