Renegade Outlaw

Renegade Outlaw

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Liner Notes: 

Super-fun skirmish. Love the prompt: Renegade or Outlaw

Bonus Words (1 extra point for each bonus word used)


If you use ALL of the bonus words, you win a glorious invisible prize that is priceless!

If you are doing music only and not writing lyrics, you can get bonus points for:
Using at least 2 7th chords
Using at least 2 minor chords
adding some odd meter
making a cool bridge
keeping your song under 3 minutes
using any genre but country

Well, I got points for the words but not so much the music.


Every snake in the grass
Was scared of him
His dirty bandana
Well it stunk of gin
When he rode into town
With his band of fools
The sheriff and his posse
Had to break all the rules

He was a Renegade Outlaw
Renegade Outlaw
Just a Renegade Outlaw
It didn't take very long
For everything to go wrong

He carried two shotguns
Near his saddlebags
If someone gave him a sideways look
He'd turn 'em into rags
He'd do the crime
Send folks on the run
When they thought it was over
He'd hardly just begun

He was a Renegade Outlaw
Renegade Outlaw
Just a Renegade Outlaw
It didn't take very long
For everything to go wrong

I'd give you a nickel
For every lady he did swoon
I'd give you a dollar
'Cause he'd shoot her man all the way to the moon

He was a Renegade Outlaw
Renegade Outlaw
Just a Renegade Outlaw
It didn't take very long
For everything to go wrong

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Great chorus! That's an earworm! Enjoyed the bridge too. Nice job for an hour!

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Love the bandanna stinking of gin. With a band of fools!

Not just a renegade. Not just an outlaw. A renegade outlaw. Really fun, those drums are huge and sound great.

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Oh man this one is rocking. Amazing recording in the hour. Well done!

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Love that you rocked out the guitars and gave us a full production. That's a big deal for a skirmish. Love the energy here. And that chorus just pops out and makes you want to sing along!

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Outlaw and swoon in a song has to be a winner! Super production too!

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what a great shotgun blast of rockin' skirmishing! great work! something about the outlaw vibe really got so many of us to write fun stuff...

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Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!! Absolutely wonderful rocking outlaw song with a irresistible catchy chorus! I live all of the details and the fact that you got all the bonus words in there! Really fantastic take on the prompt and so much fun to listen too! Thanks for joining in!

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Great title hook that rocks!!!! I like it. Very catchy! Indeed!

wacha's picture

This is a fun, solid song and even more impressive as a skirmish! That chorus has a great hook to it. This is definitely a crowd pleaser of a song.

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ROCK! And super-catchy chorus! A burst of pure bad-boy joy, this is a terrifically fun listen and wonderful all around!

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Love the drive to this! Those bridge lyrics!!! My only issue was that this was too short. Yes, tis the nature of skirmishes. Still! It needs a big vamp of guitar solos, random BGVs, the drummer and bass player nailing the groove, and a crazy lead singer rolling around on the floor belting out "Renegade Outlaw"! And the crowd goes wild!

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This is such a fun tune!! I can't believe all if this came out of a skirmish. Bridge and chorus are gold. I have such a clear scenario in my head as this is playing.