First Act A guitar Story

First Act A guitar Story

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Liner Notes: 

OK...i was out to a few garage sales etc a few years back and saw a First Act guitar. It was never used. So I picked it up and the neck and body were really nice. So i got it for 15$... you can't go wrong.
I took it totally apart, tuning pegs, neck, pots etc. Did a full adjustment on the truss rod...which I did a 1/4 turn every 3 or 4 days until it was correct. I had to shim the all in all it worked out pretty well. Added new strings and tuned it up..nice action and the intonation was really good considering the cost of guitar. I put it on a guitar stand and basically left it there for about 2 maybe 3 weeks. And low and behold when I picked it up to play it was still in tune (high E was slightly off) Plugged it into my Fender 112 ultra and it sounded Ok...given the crappy single humbucker. So, now I am going to paint it flat black and replace the humbucker and pots.

Not bad for 15$. and some elbow grease!

This song was recorded with my Fender tele for the rhythm tracks and the First Act guitar plugged directly into my audio interface with a guitar rack VST , some EQ and compression & reverb for the solo sounds great to me. I can not lie..the drums and rhythm are about 3 months old... BUT the solo and bass are as of today.

You be the judge!

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Evocative story, and the music has an appropriate "the journey has just begun" feel, with the First Act front and center and sounding like it's enjoying being let loose. The track just ends too quick - the guitar is crying out to be really be set free and wail! Biggrin

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Love the story and sound here. That guitar is waaaailin' Can't wait to hear more

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Just goes to show how much of the sound is in the fingers, not the guitar. Much too short - I was getting in to the swing of this, and it stopped!

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Yup, the way to go. Great job, in all aspects, great job.

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Intro is too long. Cut it back by two bars and add a solo to the Intro, maybe only two to 5 notes. Make the intro find the listener. Love it when the E . Guitar comes in. It grabs your ear and holds it through out. There's room for vocals. Oh and you left a couple of those Finder Pick-up on the desk.

BTW: I have a couple of old Pickup Finders in my Garage, if you thing you might be able to add them into the project

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Great story, sounds good for $15 and a little work. Don't you love it when things work out that way.
NIce diary sketch to commemorate the new guitar, that very nice lead line could develop easily into something longer one day.
Thanks muchly for your warm welcome and kind words on my #2.

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What a novel idea - to capture the sound of your new creation in a song. Loving the backstory and as for upcycling things, ESPECIALLY instruments - is one heck of a skill. Awesome on both fronts!

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I first read it as costing $155. Man, did you get a great sounding guitar for fifteen bucks! Really nice tone you are getting here.

Looking forward to hearing more!

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A really interesting story; $15 for a guitar is awesome!
I like the chill vibe of the track, with the lush guitars, bass and drums. Nice dirty tone on the lead guitar. Chord changes are pleasantly surprising!

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This sounds very cool. I enjoyed listening and reading the story behind the song....can appreciate the guitar that much more! Sounds great!

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Very cool song and great tune! The rhythm guitar, drums and bass created a wonderful place for the lead to play over.

Most of my electric (and all my bass) is played on a used Fender Squire strat that I picked up for $50 close to 10 years ago. I have made no mods to it, haven't even gotten a set up on it. That thing stays in tune and has been a work horse for years.

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I enjoyed the liner notes on the First Act guitar. Nice groove, really nice lead. Sounds good! Yeah, it could be a little longer.

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Being the judge, I wish this track was longer! Great progression and melodic flow. The tone is excellent, and the execution crisp. I really like this one. I just wish it was longer! Wink

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Loving the lines on top of this.
Reminds me of listening to old Santana stuff on hot summer days going back and forth all over town looking for a job back in Michigan.
Nice backing, too - couldn't care less if they were from a few months or a few years ago; you made new stuff with it and it sounds good.
You've got a nice laid back style to your guitarin'. This backing lets that shine.

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i love the story hear. i've done the same thing with my guitars. i have an old kay archtop that was kicked in, didn't have a truss rod, fretboard was cut up, and the guitar was dipped in black paint from bridge to headstock. it is now one of my favorite guitars lol lil elbow grease goes a long way. i dig the way it sounds, hoping for an updated track with the new pickup...have you tried any guitar fetish (GFS) pickups? i positively love them.

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Very beautiful composition. I enjoyed listening. Very cool and expressive.