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Folks have likely forgotten Smile pre-5090 we had a little pre-5090-EP thing. Three versions of this song had been done; and, "that" was the "EP"! Smile

1) Just me checking if singable and time, track length, not really a song version, but, there it is

2) Then, Anaezia, whom was to do the "Version" Smile per the primary Writer of the Lyric, (no, they are not a member here)
- "Kunjumol Dee" (alias)

3) Then, Cody, whom did his great version as well when had time to engage it

And so it went!

However, there was a small thing that the original primary writer wanted changed due to how the song was to be used, - wide distribution and in "ESL" countries (don't wanna be teach'n no bad Anglesh, aye! - there is a reason I speaka dis way uNo Fool ) Imagine a song repeated many times, in many countries, by many folks, and we were facilitating bad-anglesh (sounds like a good Band name!... bad english, hahhh).

Anyway, so this was done today, so actually the first post of it during 5090, but is an updated/revised track nonetheless for those rules driven folks! Lord know, we need'em too! Smile

So, again Anaezia, crawled into her bedroom closet for "quiet", whipped out her cell phone and via garage band, did this.
- Imagine what she might do with "equipment"?!" Smile hahahahah... (and regardless of real, other country type covid-lock-downs, University-work, Job-work, family-chore-work!! OMG, so much work!, -- thank God she has Music!!!).

- Yes, as I say, you wanna sound better, just write better songs! Smile


- See file host for further

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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she sounds really good. what was your contribution to the track?

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Fantastic. Wonderful and captivating vocals. Superb collaboration.

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Wow! I'm not a religious guy (although my dad was a minister) but it does inspire some great music.

Anaezia, I love, love, love your beautiful voice. What a great song to be introduced to it on. Great job, you guys!

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in the 2nd stanza, 'Eleanor Rigby' rhythmic vibes... taking an old, dark motif and redeeming it? Well done all around!

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Facilitating Bad English is a great band name Biggrin

That second bit of music does rhythmically sound like Eleanor Rigby, but makes this a cool juxtoposition that song being pretty bleak.

Excellent vocal delivery and melody as always!

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Really good vocals and this has an uplifting positive mood to it.