Coffee,Tea,Or How About Me?

Coffee,Tea,Or How About Me?

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Liner Notes: 

Late to the party. Sorry! Had started this much earlier in the day, but got sidetracked by other responsibilities.
The title was something that someone used on me as first words once when being introduced. I immediately laughed at the time and now everytime someone mentions a choice between coffee or tea I think back to that enjoyable encounter and what was said to me (title to song). Lol The story setting below is completely ficticious.

I wrote this with a southern twang in mind so country is the genre intended but it doesn't have to be. Setting is a truck stop .

Open to collaboration as always!

Thanks @metalfoot for hosting and for reminding me of that encounter I had with the title to my lyric. lol


Coffee, Tea Or How About Me?

She walked over to my table
And said what will it be
Coffee, tea or how about me?
The look in her eye
Said it all with a fire
Apron and all
Concealing desire

She took out some paper n pen
Again what will it be
Coffee, tea or how about me
A smirk on her face
When I couldn't decide
What I should have
From food choices deep fried

My waitress was a looker
Who made me wake up
But it got even better
When she brought me a cup

Honey i'll ask ya one more time
Tell me what will it be
Coffee, tea, or how about me?
She gave me a wink
Took down my request
But when she made her return
She was standing undressed

And it was at that point
That I said let's make it to go
Not much of a coffee or tea drinker anyway

Sunfire © 2021

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Interesting twist at the end. I was held in suspense for a while. Nice write.

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This is a great write! I love how it evolves engaging the reader and the turn at the end! Great hook too! Well done!

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Ha. Funny "reveal" at the end there! I was caught up in the moment wondering how this person would answer the question. Fun stuff!

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Fun unexpected ending. Quite the dining experience. Nice write!

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Love the title, would work great as a country tune! Funny story and I wasn't expecting the ending, ha!!

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Hahaha! I so love this! Smile It's so fun. I love songs where you can visualize the story.