The End Comes Suddenly

The End Comes Suddenly

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish prompt: CONCLUSION (Anything to do with a finish, an ending, a finale, closure, termination, etc.)

Lost track of the time and ended up going a bit over on this one, but somehow that seems appropriate.


Softly, slowly
Patient, waiting
The shy ideas
Peek out of hiding

Closer, closer
Almost there, and--
The time hits 9
We’re done

Just as the wheels begin to turn
And the pen flows fast and free
The clock is looming overhead
The end comes suddenly

Stalled out, backwards
Muddled, searching
The gears were stuck
But start their whirling

Faster, faster
Almost there, and--
The time runs out
We’re done

Just as the wheels begin to turn
And the pen flows fast and free
The clock is looming overhead
The end

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love that concept and your vocals and music are so sweet and endearing. well done indeed.

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Brilliant lyrically. Love that great Chorus Melodically. The Verses "I think" could use something More. I suggest using the Verse you have as the Background vocal section and adding another Vocal Lead trak that acts as the hook. then when you get to the Chorus it does that emotional change and brings it all around again.

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Wow! Great writing and performing. So clever to have a ukulele and a simple drum to go along with you evocative vocal. The idea of words flowing faster as the time runs out is really powerful. Your ending for the song is a reach touch of class.

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First, I dig your delivery style in the vocal dept. But I also love how your singing and what I believe is a ukelele together with a background beat create a smooth sounding rhythmic flow in this enjoyable song. The ending too is brilliant with the end.

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Beautiful melody and excellent vocal. I love the rhythmic flow of your strumming in contrast with the slower melody lines. Excellent take on the prompt, writing from the viewpoint of a writer. And great ending!

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Lovely melody and steady lyrics - what a dream this is! And the ending cracked me up, omg. You really nailed the composition of this one.

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Beautiful, sweet song and a lovely take on a skirmish prompt. A pleasure to listen to and to lose the track of time Smile

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Yup sweet came straight to mind! I like the way its not rushed, you leave enough space eveywhere, very enjoyable,

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Oh this is great. Your vocals are fantastic here! Really nice performance. The beat works really well here and the very sudden ending is all too fitting.

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Oh, how sweet! I liked this line "The shy ideas
Peek out of hiding"

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Your voice and ukulele are so vulnerable and sweet! Great take on the prompt Smile