We Need A Happy Ending

We Need A Happy Ending

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Liner Notes: 

This is what came to mind for me regarding the conclusion or ending theme. Who hasn't encountered difficult moments in a relationship. Could be personal, business, maybe even political too.

Thanks Donna for hosting the skirmish and for the theme.


We Need A Happy Ending

I've made mistakes
And you've had your share
But if we don't pull together
Then we're two of a pair
Who will never reach the moment
Where we turn this around
And before you know it's too late
Everything breaks down

We need a happy ending
Where we can agree
That we should work together
Just you and me

Let's compromise
Find a solution
Stop attacking one another
Make a resolution
If we can't find a medium
Then the future is now
But I know that we can do better
Let's try somehow

We need a happy ending
Where we can agree
That we should work together
Just you and me

We're in uncharted territory
In a state that's surreal
Maybe I'm dreaming
How do you feel?

We need a happy ending
Where we can agree
That we should work together
Just you and me

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Good and very complete storytelling. I can imaging this as a song. I like the 'just you and me' parts, the words really feel like someone speaking intimately to the person that they love.

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I can relate to this a bunch. I'm at the age where compromise just makes more sense most of the time. Great take on the prompt, I enjoyed your lyric.

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It's definitely important to try and find some common ground when dealing with a disagreement. This is a good write, the words flow together quite nicely and I can easily picture them put to music. Well done!

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"We need a happy ending" is such a desperately sad lyric. This is really intimate and I feel like I'm intruding on something! Very solid set of stanzas you have here, good skirmish.

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I love the sentiment you convey here and the insight into the complexities of a relationship as well as the longing and commitment to work through the challenging parts. Very well conveyed in your well-crafted lyric!

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Nice story telling! I have been reading a bunch of books on healing trauma, creating secure attachment and non-violent communication. And I love what you have done to express that healthy adult conversation that needs to happen in relationships dealing with conflict in song form. Obviously, you can’t cover all of this in one song, when there are books and blogs and plenty of therapists that are still exploring the topic. (Not to mention the thousands of couples navigating how to bring themselves to loving companionship!) great work!