Nothing is over

Nothing is over

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Liner Notes: 

The prompt was about endings. I feel that there is sometimes an unhelpful desire to decide that something is over when it might not be. Often the winners or those who shout the loudest are the most keen to declare that something is finished. I think that things are often more complicated.



We won, you lost get over it
It’s finished now

How convenient
That would be

And how impossible
To realise

Nothing is finished
Not really

Wars, hatreds, cares
Don’t end

We live on in the
Rubble and echoes

Of every battle
Every love

That’s ever been

There are no conclusions
Nothing can be completely over

If you look for an ending
You’ll find a beginning instead

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I love this. It's so true and cleverly worded.

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Reminds of sitting down at a performance space in NYC (I'll be there next week!), and hearing some interesting work performed. I enjoyed your philosophical musings and the nice jazzy piano.

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Very philosophical! It's too true how we as humans often like to try to simplify things and put events into neat little boxes, when really everything that happens has been influenced by everything before, and it's quite a lot more complicated than we make it out to be. Nice skirmish!

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I feel like I'm watching you on stage! What an atmosphere you've created here. The cyclical motif you've woven through this is bloody exquisite.

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I listened and read this one a while ago and now came back... I am very impressed by these that wise and philosophical words, which are so true... Never expected anyone would take this prompt that way you did... The spoken-word-style suits it very well and really made me think about this topic for a while. Excellent one!

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Lovely poetry - Rubble and echoes, very nice.