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Liner Notes: 

We played around with the texture warp in Ableton, and the bassline is created using the Waldorf Pulse.

The lyrics started out being about not wanting someone to leave because you knew you wouldn't see them again (at least for a long time). When that person does end up leaving, you're left with just yourself, and its accompanying introspection. Sometimes you put on a disguise, but sometimes the disguise shows more about you than your regular façade.

This started out as an idea we formed during FAWM few years ago, whereas now fawmer @amproductions wanted to take his spin at it, and @TheNucleus and I worked on it from there-- along with finishing a music video for it!

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We have an album set to release 9/9 called "Channel 9" (if we can finish it in time... hopefully the 50/90 mindset can help accelerate our progress!)


Camouflaged into the stairs
You stay on the first floor
Say you’re scared of what’s in the basement
It’s decorated in hallucinations

Camouflaged into the couch
Wouldn’t mind if you sat down
But now you’re leaving, what’s the rush?
Camouflaged with the exit

Camouflaged tires under the car
Don’t leave me on a hit and run
What you’ve done, whatever you are
I know I’d like to get to know this one

Camouflaged the voice in the call
Someone else’s voicemail
Numbers are alike, numbers I typed
Camouflaged into the save data

Shifting into another being
Don’t remember this person in the mirror
Mouth tacked up, forever stuck
Overdosed on prescribed optimism

Shifting into a chair
Waiting in a waiting room
Ever return? A call or your presence?
Future? Only know the present tenses

Think it’s shapeshifting
But I’m still the same
Person I was just yesterday
Just a facelift, facelift away
From looking as happy as before you came

Then left

Think it’s shapeshifting
But I’m still the same
Think it’s shapeshifting
But I’m still the same
Think it’s shapeshifting
But I’m still the same
Person I was just yesterday

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super cool! video was dope, song is great, lyrics are solid, production is top notch. great work!

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This is a real treat for the ears with all the audio layering going on. Video blew me away. Keep on rocking, amelea and The Nucleus!

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Really good , great music and a top video. Really classy stuff!

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Loved it. Interesting lyrics, interesting delivery, interesting music, interesting video. Incredibly professional all round. Killer song. I wish you all the best with your album!

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Wow, thank you so much! I'll add this to motivation to finish the album Smile

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That is infectious and I love the video. It's fucked up and i have no idea what is going on, but in the best way. Subscribed.

BTW (RE:River Valley), the Ohio Valley is no where near Ireland :), and I cheat like hell on the piano. I pound something out and then randomly assign velocity in my DAW. I'm selective about the range I assign, and I often need to manually tweak (when it's not a skrimish) but I DO NOT have a delicate touch.

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This is impressive. First of all, great and intriguing lyrics with many clever lines like "Just a facelift, facelift away/From looking as happy as before you came". Awesome musical take on this and the video as well as the production itself was absolutely professionally done. Hats off!

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Very well produced, both the music and video. Looking forward to hearing more!

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really cool video. engaging music too. some brilliant lyrics and all round whole piece. really well done and enjoyable listen.

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Cool feel to this.
The hard arp at :28 after the verses hits hard but it gels well with the more groovy feel of the verse still. It makes me think of St Vincent, especially the humming at 1:08.
Super cool lyrics, too. I feel the vibe of this track and video fit them so well. Smooth vocals; great mixing.
Enjoyed this.

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Really enjoyed the spoken vocals, and the lyrics and hook after the chorus really get across that feeling of dislocation. The different sections are satisfying and keep attention. Really lovely layered sounds too, very inspiring

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This is rocking... Very cool.. love the vibe, your vocals and the electro sound .. I will find you on insta

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Wow, this sounds great. The level of the production is otherworldly - I dream of being able to do something like this! The whole package is great, unsettling, memorable, polished to a disconcerting shine. Amazing. Great performance too.

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Nice work! I’m impressed. Fabulous lyrics and really great production.