A Couch was Burning on the Street

A Couch was Burning on the Street

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish prompt: burning, complicated, dreamed, floating, green, Ohio, orchids, polished, tradition, unlimited
Use at least 5 of the words in your lyric (bonus points for using all 10!)

This was an interesting skirmish! I think I managed to get all the prompt words in there.


The all-too-fervent aftermath
Of a battle on the green
Somewhere in Ohio
A couch was burning on the street

Too hazy from the heat
And floating embers
Was it victory or defeat?
I can’t remember

The orchids on the oval
Hung their heads at what they’d seen
Unlimited in spirit
Was not as we had dreamed

Too hazy from the heat
And floating embers
Was it victory or defeat?
I can’t remember

A complicated tangle in a web of emotion
A devastating angle in the name of tradition
A shelf of polished trophies was turned into apologies
Sweeping up the ashes of all that we believed

Too hazy from the heat
And floating embers
Was it victory or defeat?
I can’t remember

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I love the chorus, the ambiguity of victory vs. defeat, how it ultimately doesn't matter. Just a great expression. Really powerful use of harmonies, very strong song. Great skirmish

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I like the strong drive of the rhythm, reminds me of a 60s protest song. Great chorus - not remembering who won or lost, 'cause it really doesn't matter. And love the harmonies.

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Brilliant skirmish, Cola! I love the strong imagery conveyed so concisely and the darkness inherent in the lyric. Wonderful delivery with you beautiful vocals delivering such a great melody on the backdrop of your guitar. Well done! Impressive!

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Wow. At first I had no idea you were trying to fit weird words in, I thought it was just cool lyrics!

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Utilizing a list of words Hmmm... What a great Idea ! Dylan-esque. Even the melody-line is Dylan-like. Universal Theme or a thought that works for everyone make for a brilliant lyric. And... it's kinda mystically (or even Metaphorically) undefined, which does such a good job of forcing the Listener to "Think" what it means to them. Mystery Holds the Listener's attention, because they're always looking for the answer.

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The chorus and harmony "oohs" were particularly beautiful. A powerful lyric for a skirmish. Well done!

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That chorus, everything about it, perfect.

Although the image of the couch burning in the street really just kicks it up a notch.

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Great flow in the nicely written words, I particularly like the lines "A shelf of polished trophies was turned into apologies/Sweeping up the ashes of all that we believed". The harmonies are gorgeous, awesome melody and the chorus is absolutely memorable. Beautifully done!

Nice folky tune. The melody is solid and delivers these great lyrics very well. You got those "ooo's" down also. The bridge has some excellent lines here.

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I'm loving the songs from this skirmish, it's cool seeing all the different directions you can take a list of words in. I like your voice and your kind of dark folk sound, and cool harmonies on the "ooh"s.

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Striking narrative, Cola. I very much enjoyed listening. The chorus "oohs" - haunting and effective in my ears!

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Wow - I love your jam song so I wanted to check out more. This is also fab in a different way. Great lyrics - catchy chorus, excellent mood setting!