Unlimited Burning

Unlimited Burning

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Liner Notes: 


PROMPT: I used the FAWM Muse random word and title generators to come up with 10 words. Use at least 5 of the words in your lyric (bonus points for using all 10 lol!). The words are:


I did use all the words, but ran out of time before writing an ending


It’s not polished but I’ll tell the tale of how they came and what resistance meant
They demolished all that came before, tradition and our sense of self were spent

On building up a firewall in the fields of green Ohio
After New York and California fell

When they descended we just couldn’t comprehend it
Orchids floating down over our eyes
And when it started we didn’t have the heart for
What needed to be done, at first we didn’t realize

We dreamed of peace unending and the prospects of befriending
These loving bits of stardust from beyond
While it’s clear now that we state it, things were much more complicated
At the time we didn’t think of what had made them come

Too alone, they were too alone
And humanity should make them complete?
What was wrong it was there all along
We should have known better, but the dream was sweet

They focused their creation on our most sophisticated
The coastal cities rose higher than could be believed
But those inside them could no longer doubt or fight them
So our salvation has been left to hicks like you and me

Unlimited burning
Set it all alight let the fires burn all night
Unlimited burning
We had to sacrifice all we’d known, to save the idea of being alone

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Cool story, I like the idea you came up with given the words. I really like "these loving bits of stardust beyond." Very cool bridge - love the way the chords change there.

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I love the concept and the story that unfolds. That last stanza conveys a powerful message brilliantly,

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This is cool, I love the story-telling at work here. I love the line "While it’s clear now that we state it, things were much more complicated", it's so true that something can seem obvious in retrospect when in the moment it's too difficult to make out the big picture from all the noise. Awesome work!

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Well done with the words. Kind of a dark story unfolded from them. I am one that assumes earthings would be in trouble if we ever get visitors.

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Great natural incorporation of the words here, and I love your unconventional, multisyllable rhymes. It really adds a special flavor to the song. I think this is one of my favorite lyrics I've seen on here so far this year. I also actually like the abrupt ending, haha.