Fields of Green

Fields of Green

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish: burning, complicated, dreamed, floating, green, Ohio, orchids, polished, tradition, unlimited (use at least 5 extra credit for using all 10)

Of course I attempted all 10. I'm beginning to learn more about how non-native plants are negatively effecting our world beginning with the bug population. The word list seemed to call me to that direction so that's where I went. I have put in three native gardens in my yard and started a native butterfly garden in the park next door. It's at least a little help to the world and makes me feel like I'm doing something. Plus they are pretty. Kind of weird to actually plant so bugs will come feed on them, but then the birds feed on the bugs and the circle of life is darn pretty. Holes in leaves is a beautiful sight to me now.

Ohio having a non-native state flower was a bonus...

Don't know if I'll set this to music or not. If you feel moved to add a tune please let me know. I'm hoping there are a few of us "native" lovers here.


We are a small blue dot floating in space
We think we have unlimited time in this place
Yet our complicated lives are bent on destruction
This planet has an enemy in the human race

Back in time we enjoyed fields of green
Burning away weeds with care each year
Yet now the tradition of care is gone
A lush planet can be only dreamed I fear

We care for crops because we need to eat
We keep orchids for beauty and smell so sweet
Yet native plants have nearly been polished off
To chemical lawns where bugs cannot compete


Ohio’s state flower is the carnation
It isn’t a native within our whole nation
We rarely consider the cost to our world
When upsetting the balance of natural creation


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Well done, this is a really good job of seamlessly working all these words into a strong message. Great skirmish

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Fantastic idea for your song, very creative! Educational too, and I love the environmental message and that it doesn't come across as preachy. Good writing.

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This is a neat take on the prompt, and I learned some new things! I like the image of earth as a "small blue dot floating in space". Nice skirmish!

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Wow! You created an amazingly coherent and wonderful lyric out of the word salad! I love the environmental message you were able to convey!

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The Ohio bit in the chorus really has a punch. Nice work.

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Very well done and meaningful lyrics, and the use of the prompt words was very natural. Good job.