Keep me Up

Keep me Up

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Liner Notes: 


"For this prompt, it's all about the caffeine!"

Went with DADGAD


I’m working, holding up the end
Gotta take my shift
And when I slow, now and then
I might need a little lift

My shift doesn’t end at dusk or dawn
It can go quite a bit longer
So give me another cup of black
Or something a little stronger

Keep me up
There’s so much to do
Keep me up
With a rhythm in the back of my head
Keep me up
I’ll rest when the work is through
I’ll sleep when I’m dead

Don’t talk about responsible practice
people are relying on
And if I’m not giving all that I can
Who could blame them for finding fault

I don’t pretend that it’s all about me
That I’m the only one in the show
But if I could have done a little more
I’ll know


Keep me up
There’s so much still to do
Keep me up
With a pounding deep in my mind
Keep me up
I’ll rest when the work is through
Keep me up
We’re falling behind

And I’ve realized all my fears
Every day for years and years

Now you stop trying to hold me back
Saying that my shift is over
Just give me another cup of black
I’ll go and take another

Starting at visions in the corners of rooms
Of those loved that I couldn’t keep
Is the price you pay for a walking doom
But it’s better than what I see in my sleep

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Loving the harsh dissonance of the chords to add to the energetic vocal and lyric! This is a really deep lyric for such a short time. Great writing and a truly enjoyable song!

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Oh my goodness! That driving beat makes me think you are already well caffeinated. Cup of black can keep me up too!

OdilonGreen's picture

The nervous energy of this is terrific, and works great with the lyrics. The music definitely reflects the theme here perfectly! The desperate edge to your vocals is also spot on!

kahlo's picture

As others have said - great energy and music/vocals that matches the lyrics so well and a very relatable theme - we are always on the go and our mind seems to never stop as we continue to revisit and replay and wonder about life - caffeine I think doesn’t help!

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This sounds like caffeine. Also the second song I've listened to that is covertly sexy to me. Maybe it's that chorus, my dirty mind, or both...
Love how it ends with a caffeine crash! Smile

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Great job of having the arrangement match (and emphasize) the lyrical content.

cola's picture

I love this! The lyric and performance support each other perfectly to bring across that frantic energy that comes from a lot of caffeine. The chorus is real catchy, too! Awesome work. Smile

tjeff's picture

The energetic and almost frenetic rhythm and quick-paced vocal are perfect for the lyric. Very caffeine-like - excellent take on the prompt.

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The story in the lyric has a lot to it beyond coffee! The chorus is catchy and there's a mix of emotion throughout that the music brings out too. Good skirmishing!