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Liner Notes: 



The world has tilted up on its end and I’ve lost my mind along with my best friend
And a fellow comes up with recorder in hand and asks

There were never words for feeling this way, there’s nothing and so much to say

Nothing that you’ve ever been taught is true, there’s no light in your heart or mind
But if you want to hear what this life can do listen close

I never have and no one ever could
Give a message that would be understood

Every word that you hear or speak is like staring at an empty sky

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cool guitar clever use of instruments all round. nice skirmish

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Oh man, I've had a job where I had to talk with reporters at awkward moments, but always work related never for a personal loss. Most were decent folks but there were a few. This captures one of those few. I like the response.

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what a great take on this skirmish- and the recording really makes it all come alive! nice work all around!

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Great write! This is a super fun track too. The overall sound and feel of it remind me of something(not in a bad way at all) it's not immediately placeable in my head, could just be a mashup of things or the fact we must listen to a lot of the same stuff Biggrin it's irrelevant, I enjoyed this a lot.

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Great vibe and instrument layers provide a wonderful juxtaposition for the insightful poignant honest feeling lyric.. sometime there is no appropriate statement to be made.

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Groovy track, amazing work for a skirmish!

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really cool interpretation of the theme, heaps of fun, incredible for an hour dude. love your relaxed voice too, like you'll give a statement on your own terms, maybe you will maybe you won't, I get the impression you don't gaf.