Heart Transplant Piglet

Heart Transplant Piglet

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The steady beat feels like a heartbeat as the twinkling synth hints at magic and wonders unknown.

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So did the piglet get a heart transplant, or did the piglet give up its heart for a transplant into a duck or something?
Or was the piglet used as a transplant in place of a heart?
Inquiring minds want to know.
Great title, though.
I'm liking how this tune sort of wanders around dong its own thing.
Aimless but directed, if that makes sense.
That click track-sounding beat sounds like it's sitting inside my head.
The entry of the creepy orchestra is a nice surprise.
Great work.

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Dramatic, moody, and maybe a little bit sad; I don't know what I was expecting from a song with this title, but not this delicate, emotional, tone poem, with its relentless ticking clock reminding us that all of our hearts will give out one day.