Not Friends

Not Friends

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Liner Notes: 

SuperSkirmish D PROMPT: Dislike Unlike maybe even Hate


Let me say this from the outset
I think we should try to understand one another
I want to make this perfectly clear

We’re not comrades, we’re not friends
At best I see you as a means to an end
We’re not chasing common goals
You won’t find me down in one of your holes

Unless I’m there as part of some restoration campaign
Looking to clean out the vermin
Of which you are a prime example

We’re not partners, we’re not friends
But I can be civil or at least pretend
That everything about you doesn’t make my skin crawl
Look at me I’m not radiating disgust at all

And later, when we go our separate ways
I’ll be free to contemplate my feet of clay
And you can mock my moment of need
But if nothing else, at least I’ll say

I don’t like your methods, I don’t like your style
I’m not taken in by your obsequious smile
And given any choice I’d be in full motion
Don’t be so smug that I’m out of options

So I’m making the best of a bad situation
Purely through necessity
You say it’s a matter of convenience
Oh man, it’s so much less than that

We’re not colleagues, we’re not friends
And I’m already planning how to make amends
For standing by listening to you bluster and scoff
I’m counting down the days before breaking you off

And when I get free of this wretched game
I won’t waste any time living down the shame
But you’ll be right here playing for your crowd
I’m sure your cheap friends for hire will all do you proud

And for many years hence all down the line
You’ll brag that your name’s associated with mine
And I’ll stomach it all as it’s only my due
It’s my own fault for ever getting messed up with you

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Smash out the blocks. What a good song! love the energy and pace of the music and the measured vocal/ that distortion really works on this and that guitar is a killer

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Very enjoyable read and listen - well written and well played. Thank you!

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"Looking to clean out the vermin/Of which you are a prime example" - tell me how you really feel!! I love the complete disdain and aversion with which you address your subject. I could dedicate this to so many people, lol. Great listen!

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Really packs a punch rhythmically and lyrically. I like how the prompt led to a story with a lot of descriptive detail, yet plenty of room for interpretation by the listener. Well done on the skirmish!

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No ambiguity left here! LOL - totally eviscerated the 'you' of this song lyric.

Yeah, I think the 'dislike' is clearly conveyed on this one. Catchy chords and nice lead guitar line. Great skirmish.

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Fantastic writing! I love the rhyme scheme - it adds an extra punch to the lyrucs. This is a great take on the skirmish prompt.

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What a cool intro, love the groove and fuzzy guitar. Excellent angry lyric - love your speaky vocal - the vocal and arrangment remind me a bit of Zappa. I enjoyed this one a lot!