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Liner Notes: 

The Prompt: Dislike / Unlike / Hate

Thank you @coolparadiso for an interesting prompt. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

Update: my collaboration with Amanda is on http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/49548


Lyrics © 2021 Nadia Cripps

Hate is a pessimistic feeling
It makes us wanting to hit the ceiling
And our lives become totally miserable,
It turns us from being reasonable to unreasonable

Negative emotions start wars
Positive open the doors
Let's bring our love to the world today,
Everything could be a true, fair play

Jealousy is destructive, like hate
It surely leads to the bad fate
Best to enjoy what we have, not focusing on what we don't
Then even when we don't connect, we might not feel alone

Hate is a very gloomy feeling
I hope you'll get healing
Let this song help you in any way it can
Well, that's my hopeful plan

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well i hoped the prompt would get some emotion and you certainly got it here! Oh yes for some positivity

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Great insight and message in your words. Wonderful response to the skirmish prompt!

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Nice round-up with the "hopeful plan"! Our energy go where we direct it. Nice to put a positive spin on the prompt!

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Nice and succinct examination of the negative. It's interesting that you present it primarily in terms of contrast

Great skirmish

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Excellent message and lovely lyrics! Great skirmishing!

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I especially love "negative emotions start wars, positive opens doors" and "best to enjoy what we have, not focusing on what we don't." I really like the way you put a positive spin on your message of hope!

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I had the same initial sentiment and am glad someone put it into words. Well done on the skirmish prompt!

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I like those rhymes in verse 1. Very creative. I enjoyed the back and forth of the two and how hope wins! This says so much: "Then even when we don't connect, we might not feel alone". A wonderful message. Great skirmishing!