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started this yesterday night while listening to the rain outside my window... sleepy lullaby♫

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Indeed a sleepy lullaby. Soothing, slick, and pensive/day dreamy. Rainy days rock! Nice to see you here again this year, my friend! Wishing you a happy creaive summer of songs!

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Beautiful song. I love the dreamy quality. Interesting melodically and chordally.
Unfortunately the string noise was loud on this recording. Maybe a different mike position would work better?

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Very nice tune, cool chords and the sound of it gives this a "old recording discovered on blank cassette" feeling. I love the vibe.

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A lovely, soothing piece. Exactly the sort of thing to play on a rainy day.

The guitar tone is gorgeously mellow, although the lack of any top end to speak of (hence Kurtis's comment about blank cassettes, I suspect) has left me wondering how long you've been using that particular set of strings...

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I also agree with Kurtis about the cassette feel - and I love the sound. It gives this a whole addition layer of feeling.
Also agree with everyone about the beauty of this.
Relaxing and soothing, it strums up (heh, see what I did there) feelings of reflection as well. Stuff like this always sounds sad to me, but I also like sad sounding stuff, so that also draws me in here.
I don't know nothin' bout strings or string noise etc, but the knocking up against the guitar sounds actually add a lot for me and I enjoyed it as part of the listening experience.

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This is lovely. Deceptively simple sounding, but for sure i couldn't begin to play or write something like this myself.
And as for the ongoing sound quality/string noise debate, well, that's life, isn't it? Without noise, it wouldn't sound anything like as real, after all.