These Are The Jokes

These Are The Jokes

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Liner Notes: 

This is my entry for the sonofsongfight competition that is about to land on the songfight forums. This is basically a little sneak peak before I submit it. Any feedback is welcome because I am at the stage of tweaking this over and over again and I am at the point now where I am to submit it but have time to do more.


you're laughing at something
but we don't find it funny
some kind of idiosyncrasy
that's lost on us

we're finding this awkward
but you don't seem to notice
you carrying going
like you're bringing down the house

these are the jokes
that no one knows
these are the jokes
that no one gets

you're laughing at someone
but they don't find it funny
picking up on tendencies
that you don't understand

we're looking for the punchline
on your blank expression
either you are just an arsehole
or the jokes on us

these are the jokes
that know one knows
these are the jokes
that know one gets

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Wow! Love it! Those vocals sound great. Not sure what processing you did, but it sounds awesome. Very professional vocals.

The music itself is appropriate and sounds good. If you want some constructive feedback, might I suggest throwing in the occasional "extra" sound to break up the repetitiveness of the music. Like, a single crash or something every 30-odd seconds. One per verse/chorus could make a huge difference. I'd bury it in the mix so that it just adds a subtle effect without screwing up your music.

Just an idea. Smile

This was seriously great, though. Well done, and good luck with the contest!

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Whoa, Whoa. Art rawk at its finest. The wall of noize is immersive. The raw emotion in the vox is overwhelming. Well done.

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This is so good! Dark anxious vibe love the backing vox

Enjoyed start to finish! Playing again for my wife…she’ll love it.

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So many cool things happening, great sounds, very clear production. My input, I owe you more than a little, I can send you on an email or let you know here. Let me know how you want it. Great to see you here this summer. Hugs, and good luck with the song contest. (reply on my soundboard or email, chances are I'll never see a reply you put here, I wouldn't even know when or where to look for it)