Square Enough?

Square Enough?

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Liner Notes: 

I had fun with this. One take...Felt like I was doing acrobatics trying to play and sing this without more practice.


Square Enough? © Rich Joseph 2021

She’s debonair and a millionaire
But she’s been burned from here to there
So now she knows
She’s looking for a square

Mondrian painting in a man
Geometric canvas, that’s who I am
Am I square enough?
Oh tell me Roseanne

Wear square tip shoes, Sponge Bob pants
A David Bryne jacket when I get the chance
Roseanne you know,
I just can’t dance

Yeah, I ain’t hip, I’m pure square
My favorite game is solitaire
Carry a calculator everywhere
Roseanne you know, I make my bed with care

Use Head and Shoulders on my hair
My figure is that of a pear
My edges, they aren’t rough
Tell me please, am I square enough…
I said, tell me please, am I square enough?

Wear square tip shoes, Sponge Bob pants
A David Bryne jacket when I get the chance
Roseanne you know, I’m ready for romance
Roseanne you know, I’m ready for romance
Roseanne you know, I’m ready for romance

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Fantastic! I love the metaphors and imagery in the monologue. Great story telling and what beautiful guitar work!

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Heh, I also went with square.

Lovely sounds and words, again. I really dig your playing. Super fun blues and super fun lines. Love it.

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This is really catchy! Very clever take on the theme and fun details throughout. "SpongeBob pants"..."Head and Shoulders on my hair"....ha! Great write! I enjoyed the delivery and guitar there too. Totally enjoyable!

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Very cool groovy guitar and vocal. It all just dances along like a skipping stone. That's quite a seduction angle you're playing here. LOL. Love it.
Thanks for your kind words and input on my first, my friend. After I'm done listening back to everyone on my first, I'll fix your #2, which I noticed myself after posting. Your #1 is duly noted. I'll think on it when I open the file. Thanks again for your honesty/kindness.

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Your playing on this was great, I assume this was a one-take, one-mic kinda thing. Sounds good.

I like that she's looking for a Mondrian in a man. That's a worthwhile goal. Straight lines, bright colors, what you see is what you get. And it's worth a million dollars.

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This is so charming and hilarious mate. Whenever you come up with a take on one of these challenges, I invariably think ‘Jeez I wish I’d thought of that angle!’ The blues guitar work is brilliant too - there’s absolutely nowhere to hide when you’re recording one acoustic and playing some of those lines, but you nail it as far as I can hear. Well done!

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Nice groove, very nice guitar work! Wonderful job with the week 1 challenge!

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This is a super cool bluesy jazzy groove. Impressive guitar work and just right for the fun well crafted lyrics. And the way you sing it too.

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Very solid guitar work around incredibly clever words. Very entertaining performance. Watchlisted!

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You can never be square enough! Way too cool! Love the vibe, melody and words here. Guitar work is solid! Nice work!

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Funny throughout. I'd like to see you in the outfit described.

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Your lyrics are amazing. They are incredibly witty. You have such a cool and chill voice to accompany your guitar skills! This is a solid song!!

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I would have thought you'd ran out of pages in your rhyming dictionary! Wink Great, great job on this--really loving the guitar and your vocal is perfect for the kind of song you've done here! Yay!!

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Great Performance, nice word play. Good stuff.

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cool groove. i like the solo bits, you give it a lot of space, and it sits just right. good tight lyrics - love your performance, so well done!

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Wow, this song is crazy good! That guitar playing is awesome, you've created a nice groove that moves at good clip. I would imagine this was a difficult one to record. Those lyrics are so clever,

I'm in love with"
"Wear square tip shoes, Sponge Bob pants
A David Bryne jacket when I get the chance
Roseanne you know,
I just can’t dance"

There are so many good references in that. Really nice work on this song!

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So many great lines: My favorite game is solitaire/carry a calculator everywhere. Very witty, and especially impressive that you did it in one take!

Thank you for your comments on My Man of Few Words! I appreciate it.

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Arrgh, this is great. The David Byrne jacket when I get the chance is the one that made me laugh, well done. Guitar is so pretty and precise-sounding too, wish I could do that.