Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

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Liner Notes: 

Superskirmish (write a song in an hour) and I used the prompt as the title. Reflections on childhood.


remove chords
Once Upon A Time
12 string guitar tuned down a step DGCFAD
[Actual chord sound(chord shape relative to nut)]

[F(G)] Once u [G(A)] pon a [Bb(C)] time
[F(G)] First throw was [G(A)] on a [Bb(C)] line
[C(D)] Days floated by vi [Bb(C)] brations in [F(G)] sine
[F(G)] Once u [G(A)] pon a time

[F(G)] Once I [G(A)] played to [Bb(C)] win
[F(G)] It was o [G(A)] kay to [Bb(C)] finish second best
[C(D)] Days moved by like [Bb(C)] all the [F(G)] rest
[F(G)] Once u [G(A)] pon a [Bb(C)] time

[C(D)] Then spring became summer turned to fall
[D(E)] On 322 and 219 across the tracks on the way
to the [Bb(C)] kingdom hall
[F(G)] Once u [G(A)] pon a [Bb(C)] time

[F(G)] Once u [G(A)] pon a [Bb(C)] time
[F(G)] It all was [G(A)] theirs to [Bb(C)] mine
[C(D)] Days were con [Bb(C)] cealed in maga [F(G)] zine
[F(G)] Once u [G(A)] pon a [Bb(C)] time

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'vibrations in sine' -- what a great mathematical image!
Liking the melody a lot!

Very wistful feel overall.

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This is sweet and reminds me of years ago. Great skirmish!

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Oh Andy this is beautiful! 'So soothing to my ears... of my new favs of yours! Really liking those chords underpinning the picking. This style suits you!

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This is really a lovely song! I love the guitar tuning with these chord shapes! It gives a wistful, honest sound! Great work!

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I really like the matter-of-fact and honest storytelling vocal delivery. Some interesting slices of life that are very relatable.

The “Once Upon a Time” line reminds me of “Hey, You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.”

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Andy, good for you doing all these skirmishes!! I need to get myself in gear!! Will have to do get in on some skirmishes soon to get more on my board. Nice reflections of the past and fits the skirmish perfectly. Sweet flow throughout. Enjoyed the listen!