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The Mortal Taint - Caveman

Liner Notes: 

We're all in lockdown here in Sydney right now. Not much chance of coming out of it any time soon. After two weeks, I'm definitely feeling a bit like a caveman.


There were people once
All through this land
There were cars and houses
And people lived

And we were civilized
Or so we thought
But we were lost
We never fought

Now I'm a caveman
All on my own
Hiding away
Sneaking alone

And I was civilized
Or so I thought
But I was lost
I never fought

One lonely caveman
Living on the remains
Of this mighty nation
Now gone away

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Really solid tune. Great arrangement, and who doesn't love great vocal harmonies like this, singing about our inevitable collapse into a dystopian hellscape? Good times.

And oh, how I get this. I got sick in August 2019 and I've been a caveman for nearly two solid years, now. It's tough.

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Wow. This could be classic folk rock from the seventies. But the theme is so now. Absolutely beautiful. And I love how you turned your hollow body electric into a mountain dulcimer.

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Wow! That was great! Not sure what else to say. Great vocals that matched the lyrics well, a solid backing track that supported the whole thing, all the pieces slotting together nicely. Great job!

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Good stuff - I reckon youve got a fair bit of lockdown! we are free!!!! Very well put together! lovely guitar