The Night's Young and It's Ours

The Night's Young and It's Ours

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Liner Notes: 

Started with one thing and ended up with this. Gotta listen to my muse. Needs music and vocals.


The Night's Young and It's Ours
© 2021 Cindy Prince

I'm gonna kick off my shoes
Kick away the blues
Gonna walk in the sun or the rain

I'm gonna laugh til I ache
Gonna have me some cake
I'm done with the mopin' and pain

I'm done with all the cryin'
And I'm gonna keep tryin'
It's time for these blues to end

I'm gonna let love back in
Gonna dance with some men
Do you wanna come with girlfriend?

What you say come join me?
We can hit all the bars
We can dance til we're worn out
The night's young and it's ours
Yeah, the night's young and it's ours

Why shouldn't we go out
Why not get a buzz
We're single again
It's what freedom does

I know you feel the same
Don't care about whatshisname
Cause he don't care about you

We both deserve much better
Go put on that tight sweater
Let's let loose like single women do

Repeat chorus

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Terrific stuff, it rocks, it's really full of energy and almost singing on the page.

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That does have a bounce and a swagger to it crying out for a strong female voice to set it to music! Great writing.