Aerialists Waltz

Aerialists Waltz

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Liner Notes: 

I’m away from home for a couple of days. Getting stuff up from my phone is a pain in the ass! Anyway, I like the A section of this. Not so sure of the B section. Might continue to work on it later.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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i love your playing here. there are some intriguing ideas in the music. for a waltz, though, i feel the rhythm is a little off at times. maybe its because there are many measures which have a rest on the third beat.

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This is a delight. That title is perfect. It's definitely one where further work would pay big dividends; when you get access to more sophisticated gear, I'd love to hear the arrangement opened out more.

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This is very pretty! It has a lovely calming effect on me. Do you happen to be a marsupial also? Smile I hope you work on this some more and add some lyrics! This is showing great promise!

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I think you have the beginning of a very lovely piece of music here. It has a very soothing feeling to it. This is definitely worth pursuing.

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There's an edge of the balance bar feel about this indeed. But also a grace and balance. Very calming and focused . Necessary in the hoopla of the circus tent! Great sketch for something bigger/broader. Enjoyed my listen.
Thanks for your kind words on my #3. Much appreciated.

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This is lovely. I can picture a dancer moving across the stage to it. It has a good melody and is also relaxing to listen to. Nice!

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Sometimes there is a lot of complexity in simplicity. Intentional silence, small well placed notes, all work together to create a very specific feel. It sounds excellent and gives off some very relaxing almost tropical vibes.