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Liner Notes: 

Here is a song about birds and other things.

It's all virtual instruments and effects except for my super simple guitar. And a few samples from the BBC sound library.



Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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The interesting rhythmic array of sounds brings ups visuals of an assembly line. I enjoyed the listen!

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Great drumbeat and some really cool sounds! agree with Yam a lot of fun

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Huge fun. Takes me right back to the days when I used to get the BBC sound effects albums out from my local library and play around with them with my cassette recorder. Happy days...

Love the synths on this too, particularly the occasional "woop" noises (a much better description than filter sweep, IMHO. I'm all about the technical terms...) Also had fun listening to the different bird calls. That sounds like an extremely pissed-off robin right at the end...

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Oh yeah, that synth sound is gold.
"Weirdish", yeah, sure, that works for me!
An apt description!
Nicely done!

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I like the weird sparseness of your work. Great touches with the bells and assorted strange sounds. Sounds like dance music from Mars!

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Very nice garden you've got here! I like the sea shells sprinkled along the paths. And the butterflies!

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Cool music...I'm enjoying this...I see all the different sounds...and out. Great sound....totaly original

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Love the atmosphere in this one, it has a great drive! The sound effects are a nice touch.

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Compelling beat. I like the bells. It has that feel like it's a really fun party until you slowly start to realize all the guests are zombies. Excuse me, where did I leave my coat?

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Hypnotic beat, the "weirdish" variations kept my interest and the birdsong and animal sounds were a great touch!

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this has such a nod along groove and subtle progression. great sounds, the birds work great in this and highlight some organic/electro fusion.