Unauthentic Dill

Unauthentic Dill

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I can never grow dill. It gets too tall. It falls over. It turns brown. It sounds like you are possibly upset about dill. Or maybe your unauthentic dill. Mine is the real deal and it is still difficult, if that is any consolation.

I feel like I've possibly missed your message and I'm sorry about that. But this was a good listen. I hear the clack of hoes digging the earth, the trauma of dried earth that hasn't seen rain in days. Plants pleading for moisture. And then a cool breeze, a mist. Lovely. And scary.

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This is delightfully scary yet making me happy at the same time. Some circus of horrors sideshow music, that you know you may be walking into a tent you may never leave, but the lure is too strong to resist, and hey it's only a nickel!