Savoy Row

Savoy Row

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3/50-Savoy Row (Rob Lincoln) Song #682

Liner Notes: 

Very loosely inspired by Clifton In The Rain, but sounds nothing like it.


#682-Savoy Row ©2021 by Rob Lincoln Capo 7

Intro- G to Em C (lift 1st finger) D C (w/lift) D G D 2x second time end on G

Verse same chords as intro

We walked along in the misty rain
Turned down the soggy lane
Laughed as we got soaked in London town
Now everywhere I go
I still dream of Savoy Row
And the times we had before it all went down

Seems like yesterday we’re happy
Seems like yesterday has past

Through the cool Westminster nights
I can see the evening lights

I can see your brown hair blowing in the air

But it all starts to fade and I’m thinking of today
I just can’t dream to try and make it right

Seems like you were in the springtime
But now winter’s come again


Seems like today I still am lonely
Seems like tomorrow is the same


come home and turn the key
Sit down and drink some tea
Then wonder why it was never meant to be

I still dream of Savoy Row
And that’s the place I go

When I feel I I just can’t live with me

I still dream of Savoy Row
And that’s the place I go
When I feel I just can’t live with me (slow it down)

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Lovely guitar line to support the pleasantly visual lyrics and charming melody. A keeper, I'd say!

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Beautiful picking and melody and a lovely, bittersweet lyric.

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Really nice song... tells a story effectively and effortlessly, like so many of your songs!

tho I have to mention, as a big Beatles fan from way back, aren't you thinking of Savile Row? I don't know a Savoy Row in London, tho there could well be one Smile

Rob Lincoln's picture

Funny you should ask about Saville Row, home of the Apple Record Label. I had the title Savoy Row in my head but when I went on Google all I got was Saville Row, a well known neighborhood in London. Some further digging led to a small street in Westminster named Savoy Row.

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Very pretty guitar and an interesting lyric and a lovely delivery - what more can you ask!