Winter sun

Winter sun

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I live where it's dark
And the clouds are slow to part
Are they holding on too?
Do they understand these winter blues?

Persephone loved the flowers
And Hades loved himself
He broke the field by the river
And took her back to hell
Does he know what he's done
Trying to claim his own piece of the sun?

Now we shiver and bite our tongues
The ground is bitter, these early months
I am skin stretched across bones
Like blankets draped in a hallway door

Harvest time is gone
And the blooming time is far
Here we are in between
All the world fast asleep

I live where it's dark
And the water's quick to start
Will I find a little piece of the sun,
Or is it all claimed by someone?

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I don't know if I've ever heard any of your songs before but you have a wonderfully rich voice for this style of music. I will be adding you to my watchlist!

Onto the song itself-- great imagery throughout (Persephone and Hades!) and the simple guitar accompaniment suits the clear and enjoyable melody. Very enjoyable song. Would gladly sit through a set of music like this, live.

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I love the way you write. So sparse and sensory, with the words more a paintbrush than a pen. The naked, lilting delivery gives the words the space they deserve to breathe.

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Lots to like in the lyric, like starting and ending in the dark. The clouds, hiding something or holding back. Persephone and Hades, and maybe we walk the fields where it took place, skin and bone, shambling half asleep.

So that's what I hear in it. I like it.

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Gorgeous! Loved your delivery of such very fine lyrics. Nice work!