Two Bears

Two Bears

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Liner Notes: 

Guitar/Vocals: Lucas L.
Bass/Production: Nahlej
Keys/Production: DJTJB

A friend came out to the studio with a chord progression and some lyrics and DJTJB and i got to put this song together for him.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Great chill'n vibe. Really enjoyable listening to this...

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This has a cool 80's feel and is an easy listen and I mean those things in the most positive way!

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Oooh love me some dream pop. I just slipped in to the song and let it wash over me.

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Very nice sound washing over my beleaguered brain waves. The song is incredibly well produced.

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The way it hangs back and appears ethereal, gives it an impressionistic feel. It is dreamy, and grabs the listener's attention right off the Bat and then holds it through out. Very well done

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Nice would love you to post the lyrics since I'm a lyric writer.

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Very smooth and really compelling mix of timbres. The vocals are fantastic. I like the 2 bears story (or sometimes 2 wolves) but I couldn't tell if this was a direct reference to it. I wasn't picking up all of the lyrics. The recording quality is superb!