Almost there (7 July skirmish)

Almost there (7 July skirmish)

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Liner Notes: 

@Amanda West gave us the theme "Almost There". I dug into my teenage memories of learning to climb in snow using an ice axe up Helvellyn in the Lake District one extremely cold February (1976). I tried to capture that feeling when I could see the top, but knew it was still a long time before we'd get there.

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Beautiful. It sounds like quite the adventure for a teenager. I like the driving beat. That echo-type sound brings in the cold.

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Very good indeed, strong echoes of snow and ice. This has all your trademark qualities of musicianship and creativity.

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What wonderful sonic story-telling! I love the calm, icy beginning and the growing intensity. I can visualize your adventure as I listen.

That must have been an amazing day!

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What a cool sound! I love how the track builds and picks up energy with those ascending notes as we get closer and closer to the top of the mountain. Thanks for an enjoyable listen!

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I really love the feel of this and this this really pulled me in and I want to listen several times. Brilliant!

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What a beautiful musical adventure! Enjoyed my listen. Very cool take on a skirmish prompt.

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This piece certainly conveys the increasing expectations as the climb progresses, well done !
I especially love that sound out of the guitar. Was it an acoustic plugged in ?

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Really nice guitar work!! I love the harmonics at the intro and the overall clarity of the guitar. Great contrast when the bass and groove enter. Reminds me of the Bill Bruford & UK type fusion from the late 70s-early 80s. I enjoyed listening!

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There is a meditative but determined feel to this that I really like. Very nice work, especially considering the time constraint!

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ooh what icy sounds
i can feel the chips of ice off the chcks of the axe
ooh i like when the excited bass comes up, right from the core.
you capture your liner notes description so well. well done indeed.