50 Songs

50 Songs

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Liner Notes: 

Day 4 and finally my first song on the board. I have a list of ideas but did not feel like writing about any of them today. Instead I felt like noodling a chromatic chord progression (G E C A) derived from my name. Then the first line popped in my head and I went down the meta rabbit hole lyrically. Recorded the guitar/vocal scratch track and tripled with different Garageband effects. Then added acoustic bass. Scratch track and bass was each one take.


remove chords
50 Songs
Repeat progression ____ ___ ____

50 songs theres a long way to go
What will I write about, I don't know
What will I sing about, today
What will I feel like when I press play

50 songs is a high mountain to climb
Lots of meter, lots to rhyme
Into the unknown, a deeper dive
I guess I write songs to feel I'm alive

50 songs theres a lot of time
What will I find out, in my mind
What will I process, tomorrow
What will I feel like when I borrow

50 songs theres a long way to go
What will I write about, I don't know
What will I sing about, today
What will I feel like when I press play

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Thems heavy effects and i really like them, edging on the psychedelic there! Its a long way my friend but it starts with the first step and this is a nice step.

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a fine meta-fawm song to start it all off! the effects are nicely done, and the whole thing has a nice build to it.

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I like the laid-back sound of this tune; the chord progression and the effects. Very cool.

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That's a great start! I admire people that can do one take and post - it has such a cool vibe, like being there in person. And your chord progression idea - fun!

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I was wondering when you'd do your first one!
That's a nice chord progression, and I like all you do with it. I am picturing you performing this, perhaps because I miss our market gigs.

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I'm loving that watery acoustic guitar part.
That's an appealing chord progression.
I don't know how people do it; I'm happy if I get 20 done per summer.
I really like the hopeful lyrics.
A worthy first tune!

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Oh yes! That chord progression is pure prog, as is the swirly treatment on the guitar. And hooray for meta songs! I love 'em; these days I end up writing them almost as a default.

The questions and that progression create a fantastic rising sense of tension. Lots of time to find the answers in the next 49 songs, right?

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I like it--and I would love to do the same kind of thing, except that my name only lends itself to one chord--E.

There ARE one chord songs, I guess, but...

You have been blessed with a wealth of letters to work with! Wink

Keep up the good work!

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I love the laid back almost stream of consciousness feel to this song. I'm a sucker for a song about writing songs so I was into the idea of this one from the start. I like the way the song builds as it goes and then calms back down at the end.

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This is such a great example of a single progression throughout not being boring, with the great build and back down nice and soft. The effects are really.........well effective Biggrin Sounds like it was recorded with a boom box with low batteries and I really dig it! Did you have the initial vocal and acoustic(I'm assuming was done live and one take) on seperate tracks and give them a different treatment? whatever you did I really like the end result. Look forward to what you do with it next Biggrin