The contents of an empty box

The contents of an empty box

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Liner Notes: 

I started out writing this on guitar this morning. When it came to pressing record, I had a rush of blood and decided to try playing it on the piano instead.

Intended as an instrumental only.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I think the rush was right! - well it certainly sounds right on piano! nice piece again.

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Without getting too deep (or slightly presumptuous) this song plays out in my mind like there are possibilities not yet realized; only the box for now. Something will be put in it, something of value (not necessarily monetary). So in all it's not just an empty's the container of something special to be.

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its like a half time philip glass arpeggio fest. achieving a similar effect with far fewer notes.

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I concur with the Philip Glass ref. Beautiful and open piece, plenty of space to let the notes breathe and resonate. Love it Smile

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Playing on piano instead of guitar was a good call. I don't think this would sound as nice on guitar. As it stands, though, it's got a lot of thoughtfulness to it. There's an emotion in this that speaks to me.

Great job!

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I'm sure it would still have sound good on guitar, but this just sounds meant for the keys. (oh, glancing at other comments lol)
Really nice. Makes me feel and think, even though its short. Though I do feel its the perfect length.
I like the tone of whatever piano you're using; its gentle, warm, but still very clear and expressive which works well to convey the sort of happy/sad feel I got from this.

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Yes. This is definitely a piano piece. The gentle pause at 1:06 wouldn't have quite the same emotional heft if it had been played on guitar. This is lyrical, and introspective, and maybe that box isn't as empty as it first appeared.

And you know me - can never resist a nice bit of piano. Yours sounds really good, too!

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Yes, piano is a good choice.
Excellent title, too.
Ah, a little sad and introspective sounding.
So lovely.
Great work.

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This is a nice surprise to hear a solo piano piece from you. How do you do it? Lovey and easy on the mind.

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i'm glad you changed it to a piano piece...very nice indeed.

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Half time Philip Glass. That seems on the mark. I would love to hear what this sounds like with a little granular harmonizer and a shimmer reverb. I think you should try it. It would add some sparkle and glitter without impacting the beautiful simplicity of the piece itself if I am hearing it in my head correctly. Or perhaps that's the edible talking. Wink Real nice one here.