Weird Clouds Tonight

Weird Clouds Tonight

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Liner Notes: 

Twas inspired by the chat about skirmishes on the Tues night Zoom call. So I wrote something skirmish style tonight when I should've been sleeping. (Thanks a lot, @coolparadiso, @AndyGetch, and @yam655!!!)

Promptly after the Zoom call, I picked up my phone, and my sister-in-law had posted a pic in our family chat with the caption "weird clouds tonight," so here we are. Inspiration is everywhere folks!

Written and recorded in 1.25 hours.

I actually like several of the lines in the verses. Might steal them for something else. Smile


Weird clouds tonight on the horizon
Hot breeze blowing through my hair
Off in the distance I can see
Everywhere and nowhere

Oh where have you gone?
Oh where can you be?
You used to be right here looking at me

Now the days are short
And the nights are long
Don’t know left from right, or right from wrong

The sun is interrogation
Dust lingers on my lips and tongue
My shadow has up and run
T’wards guilt and innocence

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Always a pleasure doing business with you Smile at least you wouldn't wake the neighbours.
there are some nice phrases in there, i really like the whole of verse 2 and the 3 lines before it. Good strong vocals to hold it all together? (It just struck me how your vocals are very like an artist i write for in Texas). Nice song.

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Isn't it great where our inspirations come from? Mighty powerful vocal delivery of your lyrics Amanda. I agree - there are some great lines in the tune. The 2nd verse put an impression upon me. Great work!

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Great start. Beautiful vox & I love that last line of the second verse. Sounds like a springboard invitation to more!

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Wonderfully inspired and insightful work - well conceived, crafted and delivered! I love how this flows!

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*waves at the Tuesday nighters

What a nice set of lyrics. Nice played, too.