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Liner Notes: 

I kind of like the music and some of the lines amuse me greatly. I didn't want to spend the time creating a good dramatic performance of this though, so that part is so so. Malls skeeve me out, more so since COVID.


Welcome to the year 3124
Take the escalator up and through the floor
Grab your pick and shovel and I'll give you the tour
Of this terrifying take on classic noir
Like thieves in the night, come up through the basement
To the primary level which is dark and vacant
A derelict relic like a displaced vagrant
From an age of flagrant entertainment

As you stumble in the dark hear the sirens call
Jewelry, silk and you're enthralled
By the little ornaments that do nothing at all
And the music box and the talking doll
It should be mentioned this establishment is haunted
By your response I can tell you are undaunted
Though bravery and grit should be applauded
In the presence of the specters hubris shouldn't be flaunted

Welcome to the mall where dreams come true
Make a wish I the fountain. We'll give it to you
Each transaction will take it's toll
Each wish purchased with body and soul

Whatever you do stay away from the throne
In the center county petrified in stone
Where the Devil in red calls souls so alone
That they whisper their desires and become his own
As we pass ancient chambers of commerce
The apparitions are nearly upon us
And if you live through this I promise
Accolades, awards, medals and honors

Murderous ghosts in dated outfits
Off the rack from discount outlets
If looks could kill you'd be dead at the outset
Run you fool up the stairs now left
And all the screams are panicking the mannequins
Headless ghouls in the peak of 80s fashion and
Dancing mad your hope is scattering
And as the light fades you're inhabiting the mannequins!

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Kate raps are SUCH fun. And this is clever and fun, as it should be! The sung chorus is haunting.

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yup rap away Kate. Some really cool ideas! i really like "you're enthralled
By the little ornaments that do nothing at all" very telling! really liked this

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I like the chorus, and I like the murderous ghosts in dated outfits. Off the rack. The screams are panicking the mannequins.

I guess I like the third verse the best!

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Some wonderful lines in this and cool rhymes too. I like the spookiness of it all. The chorus really emphasizes that. Those ideas are vivid and flow well!

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if ghodt are the dead that refuse to leave their haunts, then it is reasonable to believe ghost may ne haunting the renovation of a fossilized mall a thousand years from now. but i also think the song works as a present day haunted mall that advertises the date as being 3024 when in fact it is 2021.

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Nice flow, Kate. And check it out - the whole vibe has this 80s interpretation of what the future would be like. I'm totally digging this!

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I had a dream last night that I had to go to the mall to buy a gift for my wife. Spooky!
Fun, strange, delightful song. I love the sci-fi sounds. Clever word-spitting, too.
I'm also reminded of the show Stranger Things, where so much takes place in a mall that's not what it seems.

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I don't know why, but I'm big into watching youtube vids of urban exploration - abandoned places like malls, old factories, etc
I read the lyrics earlier this morning (couldn't listen to the track on my phone for whatever reason) and I really related to them. Part due to those videos, but also my feel towards malls in general. I do love them, but I also when they are kind of empty and dead, because I like the feeling I get when I think of all the people who once walked around there and all the life the place once had.
These lyrics capture that perfectly.
The music here also provides a kind of eerie-but-not-quite vibe to those thoughts and really makes this a cool track.
The way you deliver the rap and the character of your voice reminds me of the bright cheery people who still try to greet you and provide good customer service for their store that is unfortunately in a dead mall...like they are still trying to be positive but they know its pretty much over.
But then the singing harmony parts are totally spooky and are like the ghosts of shoppers past that roam the dying corridors of shuttered storefronts.

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I dig! I'm hearing Hamilton meets Stranger Things. The eerie vocals are perfect for the subject!

And also now I wanna write a rap Biggrin

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So dark and cinematic, and it paints such a lush, vibrantly dark picture. The music comes right out of a 80s post-apocalyptic movie, and the lyrics set the scene for that movie perfectly. Plus, the chorus is gorgeous!