Infinite noise floor

Infinite noise floor

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Liner Notes: 

It's been a difficult day for the emotions, watching the forlorn figure of my father trudging into hospital for chemotherapy and not being allowed to accompany him.

It felt like I was abandoning him.

I guess that's where this one came from. I sat down, plugged in, and this came out.

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Sorry for the difficult day. There is such precision and warmth in the guitar playing here. It has strength and emotion. Early Robert Fripp comes to mind

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Its very nice music again! feels a bit forlorn it must have been difficult , been there but been able to accompany,

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Beautiful piece.

I think being in a hard place makes it possible to do things that would not have come to you on another day. I have written one or two things that I guess are like this (in that way).

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very tasteful and a wonderful tribute to your father's situation,

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I'm sorry for your difficult day. I feel like it comes through in this song but I'm a truly beautiful way. There is a somber comfort to this piece that I really like.

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That's really, really tough. I'm glad you achieved some catharsis making this.

And what a gorgeous soundscape this is. You know what I'm like about reverb but MAN, your guitars sound so good processed like this. Proper film soundtrack stuff. That *dum*-ti-dum *dum*-ti-dum rhythm that stops by on a couple of occasions gives this a nod to (of all things) medieval courtly dances for me, but at the same time it feels timeless. Mythical.


Love the title, too.

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What a beautiful response to a painful situation. It's a real salve, I hope your father heals quick, I'm sure he feels and carries your support in his heart.