Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars

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Seeing Stars (50/90)

Liner Notes: 

I feel like I'm off to a great start since I thought I was uninspired, but sat down to write and this came out very quickly, and I'm pretty happy with it! Happy 50/90, everyone!


You could see them in my eyes
In every old picture
Mirroring the night skies
A timeless, boundless fixture

And when I'd get my wish
I'd stay content for all of time
Though they say everything dies

Seeing stars, I was seeing stars
Seeing stars, I was seeing stars

They told me to give up
And those lights were getting dimmer
I started to get stuck
They all knew I'd never be a winner

But nothing's ever certain, so why can't we just keep trying?
And everything will be all right

Seeing stars, I am seeing stars
Seeing stars, I am seeing stars

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AndyGetch's picture

Really like the tempo on this one and the hopeful theme. Also like the melody change in the chorus. Great start and hooray for meta-songwriting!

billwhite51's picture

you have a fantastic sense of rhthm with the acoustic guitar. i could listen to you sig just about everything on top of that slow happy/sad beat. the song itself is excellent and i like the way to belt out the seeing stars repitiyions.

metalfoot's picture

Very hopeful feel to this song -- I enjoyed it a lot when you went into your upper register for the chorus.

coolparadiso's picture

I knew i would like this after 2 chords! Nice to hear some hope at the end! very nice.

colgoo's picture

Love that chorus! Really great song and take on the week one theme.

Kurtis Kanttila's picture

Nice tune! The chorus is just great here, it really picks up vocally and it's just a solid hook.

Cicpisces's picture

Nice melody. I like the positive message in the song. You sing it well and the lyrics paint a great picture. Nice.

Dragondreams's picture

I can see why this is your favourite. Smile
It's gentle and hopeful, nicely written and a great performance.

Gm7's picture

Really nice melody in the verse. Keep on going!

splittybooms's picture

Nice vocal melody on that chorus, super sing-along-able and hits that sweet spot in the ears.
Relatable lyrics for sure.
Enjoyable listen