I Want More (My Kryptonite)

I Want More (My Kryptonite)

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Liner Notes: 

I was playing round with Springsteen style ideas! That's where the influence came - more lyrically and a bit musically. Tried taking away some stuff i first played in places so as to strip it back a little. I think this is a keeper and a player with the guys

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Well I've been out at Dedham county
she don’t play fair
she was just plain robb'ry.
Pretending she could care

Dark shadows hanging over us
She knew id come and go
But she hasn't got a heart to lose
As you watch the lights dim low

I want more
Well that's a fact
I want to lead
Not just react

she swore that she’d be true
But there were no happy new years
One way or another
We knew it’d end in tears

We were like a stream of cars
On a holiday eve
Even on the best of days
Was just a short reprieve

I want more
Well that's a fact
I want to lead
Not just react

So please give me gods mercy
over long dark skies
Just give me some hope
While I’m desensitized

I come from a different place
Where a man must always pay
So put on that blue dress
Come out tonight and play

I want more
Well that's a fact
I want to lead
Not just react

Look into my workman’s hand
Try to read my palms
Looking for a godly response
Just like in the psalms

Well i be forever in these chains
Will i ever see the light
I have lost all my strength
You are my kryptonite

I want more
Well that's a fact
I want to lead
Not just react

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Nice tune! I hear that Bruce influence, even in the guitar solo and especially the section after it. For some reason it reminds me of "The Rising" the most. I like that guitar tone and the "not just react" part really sticks out.

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This is fabulous! Feels like Springsteen but all your great gifts for songwriting and music. Great!

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i like hearing the coolparadiso sound blowing in off the jersey shore.

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Well done! so many killer lines, and the whole thing flows well. As someone else said, that phrasing on the 'not just react' and the guitar solo really stand out. (of course, if you're really doing a springsteen homage, and you had unlimited resources, you'd have a sax solo--- but i like this as is, not so 'springsteen-ized' (its got a tom petty feel as well, perhaps?) nice work!

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Really enjoyable song with some clever wordplay. I'm smiling, my foots tapping, my heads bobbing, always a good sign.

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You had me at Springsteen! The groove and the vocals are paired so well. Awesome ride!

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This is really nice - I guess it's just me but I thought there was a Roy Orbison feel to the vocal delivery, which is a very good thing in my book. Love the use of percussion to bring some dynamics to an even tempered song. Just really pleasant. The chorus words are actually saying something, and something quite unusual. My choruses are always truisms, or cliches or whatever. I really like the "not... just react". It's well done.

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I can hear the Springsteen influence but also a lot of other rock influences - which is good, to be eclectic. It's a cool little tune and lyric, and with some polishing I could see it being played in a stadium.

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Fantastic groove in the music and insight in the lyrics makes for a superb song. I really love how this flows and love that last verse so much. Your phrasing is great and drives home the sentiment so well.

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She hasn't got a heart to lose -- there's a Springsteen character. The longing, the tears. Nailing it pretty much.

Actually, those are things I probably write about too.

Nice guitar solo, tuneful and well-executed!

Nice dynamics too. Lots to like here.

To really get in the territory of the old Springsteen songs it probably needs more melodrama, though.

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Good guitar tone and rhythm.

I really like, "We were like a stream of cars On a holiday eve" Not sure of the meaning but the imagery is great!

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I can hear a Springsteen Vibe! The guitar sounds great. For some reason I was also drawn to that last verse. Great write.

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Wonderful character development here; the "singer" feels fully fleshed out. The lyrics are solid throughout, and the bridge is just perfect. Combined with the fine Americana-style roots rock, you absolutely do have a keeper here!

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The rhythm guitars and the bass are rock solid and give that classy melody a fabulous backing. I thought it more in the style of Tom Petty than Springsteen, but it's so good I don't want to detract from it.