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Liner Notes: 

This is the first song called Need To Know, that I started on Sunday. It was going to be a simple pop song, but it got complicated. It took ages to get it into shape. "Lets add another track and another track and maybe another 3 tracks before dinner". It spiraled out of control into what is now this piece of cinematic music. It is part of the soundtrack to an imaginary movie called Out of Control, presumably based on the making of this track. Provisional Lyrics for Need To Know set aside to create another song. Waste not, I here you say. I hereby rename this song Spiral.

Onwards and Upwards


Music by Mark Scullion ©2021

No Lyrics for this song

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Ah and so it happens sometimes . But this is proof you just to have to follow what you feel! Its come up real good! that change at about 55 is beautiful!

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Cinematic indeed! And yet I always associate heavily chorused electric piano with Peter Gabriel; I found myself waiting for his voice to appear Smile

Very nice progression; this has a redemptive feel even before the vocal samples kick in. Perfectly suited for the moment in the movie when when the protagonist finally sees the way forward...

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enoying the piano while imagining what kind of movie i am watching. perhaps a heroic ending to a successful wartime mission or a wedding march after a difficult courtship.

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I feel you on the another 3 tracks before dinner thing. Before you know it, its way too late for dinner.
Liking the piano here, both what you're playing and the sound if itself.
Very airy and classic feel to this.
Bright and full.
This makes me think of a specific memory for some reason - when I was a kid in Chicago riding in the backseat of my grandmother's big Oldsmobile along Lake Shore Drive, sun shining bright and a breeze coming in through the window...people in shorts and tshirts by the water with their hair blowing; everything was bright and airy, like this track.
Nice job in taking a listener to a different place and time.

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it builds and builds... there could be some interesting animations to go with this... good ending