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xylem is how the trees drink
yeah i'd watch you suck a straw the whole long day
roots are how the trees drink
though i know you'd never put em down anyway

but if it started storming
maybe would you stay just for the morning
and if it should become winter
maybe you might stay while the trees are thinner

xylem is how the trees drink
you know i'd bring you a cold pitcher of lemonade
roots are how the trees drink
yeah i'd bring you whatever you wanted if you stayed

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What a very wonderfully unique image - xylem indeed! A pleasant melody too. Great song.

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lovely concept suited perfectly by the music and delivery. lovely melody and an image that mulls over nicely as one listens

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I was hooked when i heard that guitar and vocal delivery was on point too! this was really nice on the ears, good job!

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I could listen to this over and over. It is sooooo beautiful. Right up my street and love your voice and guitar.. it has such a sense of longing to it.. so simple yet so effective. Thank you

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this is beautiful - love the imagery in the lyrics.

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Lovely. Simple but bouncy rhythm, deceptively catchy. Same with the lyrics, deceptively clever, in a casual sort of way.
This is really economical. You couldn't take out a single note or word of it. Really liked it.