If you bring the ice, I'll supply the heat

If you bring the ice, I'll supply the heat

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Liner Notes: 

I'm still trying to lighten my mood. Wink

Intended as an instrumental only.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I like it. Some cool synths on it. It's not the type of music I've ever written, so I don't know that I've got anything particularly constructive to add, but I'm happy to break my first Zong!

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This lightened my mood indeed; there's so much going on, all of it wacky and upbeat and just fun. Amazing guitar playing too. Excellent jam!

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Funky retro cops show montage music ! This brought all kinds of images into my head, including Starsky & Hutch (sadly)...

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Self Indulgent my ass... this is cool. Speaking of which, I just ordered a guitar synth pedal so I could do a hack job of copying your cool ass shit. (in other words, I'm jealous and wanna get in on the action.)

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It changes paces inside quite nicely... some lightened-up feelings plus the needed stress points. Nice use of tempo change make for the up and down emotion within

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Ok you had me at plank-sparking Biggrin Biggrin

The riff-ripping bass is divine in this and I am all sorts of jealous at your mad skills!

This could be the soundtrack to the new Top Gun movie. I can see Maverick riding his motorbike to this…

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Always in awe of your playing and tone and have come to expect it, but this one really blew me away, especially that amazing bassline! If this is self-indulgent, more please! This was a blast for me to hear as well!

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so impressive. fun to listen to, love the arrangement as well as the playing. nice one again.

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Your fingers fly. Impressive way to lighten a mood. It sounds happy.

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Good grief - that intro.
Good grief - that everything.

I haven't heard bass flicking/slapping/thwapping like this since...the last time heard your music.

This reminds me of times long past when I used to be really into listening to bass players' albums. That intro truly took me back.

Excellent everything - musicianship is off the charts as far as my ears are concerned; great mix; groovy and catchy arrangement.

You play drums, bass, guitar, and keys? Can you bottle some of that and send me some?

Love the synth bits throughout, that arp at 3:23...yes, yes indeed. Love its role in supporting the groove along with everything else you bring in during that ending section.
Awesome listen.

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That intro (this whole thing, actually) reminds me of Return To Forever.
Remember those guys?
I'm loving the active bass jumpin around there.
Excellent guitar work, too.
You know, my favourite music usually involves the instruments all stepping out at once, much like this.
Yeah, you're really getting me energized here.
Such a lovely track.
Enjoyed very much!

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Yeah, mid 80s fusion at its best! This has punch.

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Wow! What can i say...except "I wish I had wrote this" !!! so many nice sounds and instruments popping in and out. Bass is killer .After hearing this I need to practice my guitar more. 4mins 15sec of hot rich goodness sprinkled with a little Steely Dan. Tasty
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