Let's Pretend

Let's Pretend

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Liner Notes: 

Took a while with this one, like 6+ hours, a few times of forcing myself to rerecord the sax and such, a lot of little breaks in between, but it's done. Smile


Let's pretend
Spring is here
I've been waiting for it
All year

Let's pretend
The scorching sun
Is not here yet
And is not to come

Let's pretend
The glaciers hold
They're not melting
Natures erosion has been stalled

Let's pretend
Folks are good
They care for others
As they should

Let's pretend
There's no more hate
Let's pretend
This is our fate

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The world you weave in this song is so immersive. I can't decide if the overall message is hopeful or defeatist. Either way, it is a great song.

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I'm glad I managed to nail that ambivalence, thanks for listening. Smile

metalfoot's picture

Cool effect on the vocal and the sax is a delightful texture to add into the soundscape of the song. I wish we didn't have to pretend all these things!

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Yay, glad it was worth all the rerecording. Biggrin Thanks~

billwhite51's picture

this is worth every minute of the six hours it took to produce and every second of the nine minutes spent listening to it.

cts's picture

This is absolutely amazing. I can hear the time and effort and care that you put into this. That sax is the linchpin and it's an attractive and reliable one. Great work here.

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Yay, I'm glad it was worth the effort, thank you. Smile

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Very enjoyable. The use of bits and pieces of instrumentation over a solid lay down track is all class

sbs2018's picture

Exotic vocals and downtempo vibe pull me in. Truly beautiful!