Unnamed First Song

Unnamed First Song

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Unnamed First Song (50/90)

Liner Notes: 

Very original title. Super fun to play and really bouncy. I could not tell you what scale it's in if I tried.

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Metal! Yes!!!

You're right, that was a super bouncy track. Well done!

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Rockin’! It’s a lot of fun to actually get to see your fingers flying too!

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Really nice metal track! It's heavy but still very melodic, great song.

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Super bouncy track as cblack said.

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yup cool track. Nice guitar work - good to see some more metal!

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Cool tune, a lot of great riffs and rhythms here. The little lick out of the intro was awesome and the main riff was ear catching. Enjoyable to listen to some great riffing!

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There's never enopugh metal in this FAWM/5090 community of ours, so hurrah for being here!
Love the groove in this and the wonderfully twiseted chord you throw into the main riff.
Nice tight tones. Great playing. Lots to like here Smile

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I am so glad I found this little piece of metal art. I really enjoyed the sound and melodies. Can't wait to check out what else you have posted.