Red Pill

Red Pill

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Liner Notes: 

Nahlej: Bass VI, vocals, and production
DJTJB: Keys and production


Can’t sleep again born again arithmetic

Insomniac like there’s arthritis in my eye lids the soul behind the iris if it even exist blissful ignorance that shit is legit red pill I just wish to forget nothings personal when it’s all business you know that shits real it’s authentic old school these thoughts all vintage clear communication you talk then you listen exchanging statements thoughts and ideas but they just go in and out your ears blow it out your rear I’m out of here
Out of sight out of mind you’re out of beer say no see no I won’t hear bring on the reaper I won’t fear

You only live once, right? legends never die we just a buncha starlight annoying the night, right? That’s about right

Mental graffiti I spit davinci mixed with Socrates Akams razor burn that shit really got to me hotter than hot that shit is really not to me icepick lobotomy wouldn’t bother me that’s my philosophy go with the flow quit joshing me I’m over your head but somehow you’re lost on me what’s this shit costing me? Polyrhythmic algorithms with magnetic lyricism shot through a prism shining light on a cultural astigmatism slave to pessimism that attitude is glorified plagiarism I’m about the next great schism cut out the bullshit make the incision when your inner child is reborn skip the circumcision sunglasses on my third eye for better hallway vision

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Well done on your first 50-90 song this year. Smile Good vocals, and I enjoyed the lyric very much; clever, natural rhyming, and full of allusions. I particularly like that chorus line. Great image! The backing music is quite pretty - has a mesmerising feel about it.

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Oh yeah - serious production happening here. Mix is right and the whole vibe is laid-back and mellow. A dip in the mental pool; a bit of food for thought and hook that indices one to hit the repeat I'm getting ready to do...again. Smile

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Thanks a lot man! Can’t wait to hear what the factory is producing!

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Great track. I really like the bass throughout. Really good changes of tone and rhythm. Very clever lyrics.

wobbie wobbit's picture

lovely smooth and mellow groove. the vocals sit nicely on it. great vibe

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Thoughtful lyrics, a great vocal performance, groovy music and terrific production; this one has it all! Well done!

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great start up! welcome to 50/90. excellent production! cool song in an under used style in here - really enjoyed this!

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This is a great track, there is a great groove created from start and the vocal delivery flows really nicely. Very nice work!

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I like the use of the Bass VI; quite a niche instrument that I admire. I also like how the melodic line on the Bass VI is looped whilst additional instrumentation is gradually layered on top. I love the bit at the end when the bass plays chords.
Solid, colourful production.

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I appreciate that! I’ve wanted a bass vi for years, finally found one on eBay and got it for a steal.

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love the feel here. how would you describe it? downtempo rap? the lyrics are smashing. such a cool, relaxed yet intense delivery.

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I guess id call it indie rock hip hop maybe? Some folks have called our stuff shoegaze hip hop? But downtempo might be right lol thanks so much!

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Hey man, great to hear you again! So impressed again by the production, vibe, lyrics... well, everything really. "Polyrhythmic algorithms with magnetic lyricism" is superb. Love the reverse cymbals throughout. Just so cool, look forward to hearing the rest!

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That bassuitar sounds great! Something I've never played, but has me intrigued. I've had a baritone that I loved. Some really cool stuff going on with the keys and that beat as well. Really awesome lyric! and great delivery as always too!

Nahlej381's picture

Thanks bro! The bass vi is a lot of fun just got it this week off the old eBay, throwing new electronics in it next week when they come in.

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This just sounds so damn good. Great production.

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Thanks a lot! Just got a Neat Mics worker bee and that new bass vi so I’ve been having fun tinkering with em.

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SMOOOOTH I love the drums...a trap beat??? not sure what the technical name is. BUT i like it.

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I just watched The Matrix for the first time a couple weeks ago! And the sequel couple days ago. Onto the third soon. I'm guessing you're referencing it slightly with the "red pill I just wish to forget"? I ate a bunch of Hot Tamales candy while watching it since I thought it looked just like the red pills-- Burned my tongue, that's about it.

Nice lyrics, really going all out. I like the Da Vinci reference too.

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This is really impressive. Great words (and great performance), great backing. Playful, sparkly.

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Very laid back and hip! I only write lyrics and could never pull off something like this. A cool vibe and thought-provoking words. Really well done!