Who Looks Back

Who Looks Back

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Liner Notes: 

With the prompt "Look", the idea that came to mind was "looking glass". I started with the glockenspiel part and built up from there. Originally I had planned for this to be purely instrumental, but I couldn't help throwing a short vocal line on there right at the end. Smile


Tracing the cracks
Who looks back
Through the glass?

Tracing the cracks
Who looks back
Through the glass?

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Excellent production and vocals. Short but very effective.

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A most excellent concise production. It all sounds good and the vocals are top notch.

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Oooh... loving all of this. The glock is perfect for the "cracks in the glass" theme and the vocals are superb with awesome harmonies. So atmospheric! Nice work and lovely to hear you again!

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Very cool: the delicate chimes, the foreboding cello line, it's all very atmospheric while still being quite tuneful, and the vocals are gorgeous. Nice (and impressive)!

Sunfire's picture

Well done! I like all of the sounds you've used here. Vocals add a nice touch as well.

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Builds nicely, and has that element of suspense that the short lyric adds to.

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That drum pattern really drives against the music, gives it a sense of anticipation. It builds nicely to the vocals come in then drops out again. So clever for a short tune. Great vocals too.

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Very nicely done. Excellent skirmishing, keeping things minimal but not losing depth. Very good.

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Very beautiful and intriguing song. Gorgeous singing and playing. I love your choice of instruments and vocal harmonies. So gorgeous and wonderful! Your song could be keeping looping. It gives the listener the feel of wanting to hear it again and again.

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Really cool arrangement! There is a mysterious feel with the melody and your vocals are great here. The "who looks back" line sounded especially great.

wacha's picture

I LOVE the arrangement, it builds really nicely and the decision to add the vocals at the end was really smart. It allows the song to build and stand as an instrumental but then you get the nice surprise of the vocals. Great work and a very solid skirmish!

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I would have been perfectly fine with this as an instrumental, but the vocals add just the right balance to this. The production on this is tight; nice balance in the headphones. Vocals are wonderful (I'm giddy).

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I could listen to this over and over on a loop - haunting and hypnotic. Sweet vocals!

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Lots of depth in here. Harmonies are awesome! It builds in a cool way. I'm glad I listened!

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Into it immediately.
Great intro.
I was like "what, its over??" then I saw it was a skirmish. Impressive production and vocal harmonies period, let alone being done in an hour.
I like the soft-ish vocals over the darker strings and that bell-arp.

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Fantastic! I love the melodic start with the glockenspiel and the build as the bass line comes in and ultimately that great choral build with your gorgeous vocals! It is so well conceived and created. Loved my listen!

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very suspenseful and mysterious, love the delicate sounds and the lyrics are haunting