Look at me (a musical refugee)

Look at me (a musical refugee)

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Liner Notes: 

My effort for the prompt of "Look". I use the word look an awful lot, so it must fit.... Had some fun doing this - really wanted to get some strings and other bits on it but am over time as is - not even a lead guitar in sight .

Thanks corinne54 for the prompt


Look at me ( a musical refugee) © Jason Challis 2021

Got that good time rock n roll
Got the heavy groove full of soul
Never let the beat grow old
Just move a little the stories told

Look at me
A musical refugee
I come in from out in the cold
The music’s fresh the music’s old
So just look at me and fill your soul

Theres the classical galop of strings
The magic that it always brings
A classic vibe of mystical things
Surely fit for queens and kings


Rock steady with that heavy metal
Nothing easy nothing settled
Riff tastic, delicate as a petals
Raining fire in high decibels


Country song hear that twang
Lonesome as a cowboy he sang
Them good ole boys the church bell rang
She’s leaving him on the outbound train, oh dang


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Great work in an hour. Rock and roll surely is a mystical thing! Can tell you had fun with this one

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This is awesome! The guitar is great!! Love the lyric! Great groove! Fantastic hook and take on the skirmish prompt!

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Amazing work! I love the angle you've taken on the prompt. This is a lot to accomplish in an hour - good work!

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Just like it says, this rocks. Great storytelling about what our life is like.

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ROCK, yeah! Chorus is quite cool, and I like the "Look at me / a musical refugee" couplet. I can really groove to this! The outro bit is really catchy too!

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Fun song ! I can just picture the artist wanting to be watched as he performs. I too like the musical refugee phrase - great concept.

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I'm really feeling this groove! Love the phrase "musical refugee", and there are a lot of great rhymes going on in the verses. Nice work!

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Really nice one. That a real lyric which flows straight into the music. Nice one.

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Really nice take on the prompt, this is a very catchy rock tune. Nice skirmish!

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A real anthem - love the big guitar crunch! Lyrics express the joy and purpose of music. Sounds like you had fun singing and playing!

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Great uplifting and fun song. I like the harmonies. I love the musical refugee lyric.. that's cool