Alone with my thoughts again

Alone with my thoughts again

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Liner Notes: 

I actually enjoy being alone with my thoughts, so this is not a self-pitying track. Wink
As an ambivert, I need lots of alone time to recharge my social batteries after interacting with humans.
And that's the inspiration for this one. Smile

Intended as an instrumental only.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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i think you did a great job being creative while alone and making everybody jealous behind the door with your funky music. good vibes and music themes

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I heard only happy sounds - no self-pity there. It made me happy down to my toes. The change of sounds just before the 2 minute park were a cool 'bridge'.

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Fabulous funky groove! Love that bass riff lead in. The guitars are great! Such an engaging vibe!

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there is enough melody here for the song to be a hit. if only jazz funk instrumentals were still potential top 40 material. if only there were still a top 40. everything is so stagnant now. those few songs that the general public has actually heard and recognize hang around for years.,,,well, this tune is going to stick in my mind for a while. i really like it.

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Could be on my end, but I'm not getting this one to play. I'll try later.

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BIG BASS intro. This is my kind of music. Watchlist for sure. FUNK rules.

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That bass in/out is amazing! I really do love everything about this. These are great thoughts to be alone with. I especially love the tone on that funky rhythm track as well. It to me does sound happy, but its got some bite to it as well. Agree with bill on this as I tend to a lot, it really is a shame instrumentals have seemed to lost favor over almost all genres of music as this is spectacular and is going to earworm me for a while, but it could very easily get "ruined" by some lyrics/singing IMO, if it wasn't the right fit.

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Oh plank spanking loveliness ! I too find this a happy feeling piece, with lots of thoughtful moments. As always I love this.

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Great bass tone. Actually great tone all around, but that bass sound is so round. I didn't here this as funky, even though the rhythm guitar is playing a standard funky rhythm style. This came across as much more progressive rock to me, especially that brief odd meter bridge.