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Liner Notes: 

Just noticed there's some audio ripping towards the end of this. My poor old mic is just as out of practice as I am!


It takes a village to raise a child
It takes a city to make them wild
And it takes a town
To mow them down

It takes some guts to stand so tall
Hold out your insides, let them fall
And spread the pain
That you couldn’t contain
Kids can be so cruel

It takes some courage, it takes some heart
It takes and takes until it’s taking you apart
You’re cause, you see
For their community

And they gossiped at midnight
And they stared in the day
They put signs in their windows
And the mob is thirty seconds away

And the pitchfork rips
Between your heart and hips

And it takes
And it takes
And it takes

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and the pitchfork keeps ripping out your guts. such a powerful song for the beautiful ones who are mis-shapen by the ugly mob.. lovely singing on a lovely tune.

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So lovely, yet so dark, and intensely emotional. The words, though abstract, have a poetic brutality to them that works with the melancholy guitar and your vulnerable vocal performance here, resulting in a track that is utterly captivating.

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Beautiful vocal work and guitar on the deeply emotional and insightful lyric. Powerful track, Rowan!

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Sad and powerful lyric, and your voice is strong and clear when you deliver it. Well written, well played!

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Wow. Heartwrenching and beautiful. So understated and yet it packs such a punch.

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Great use of that village adage . Beautiful delivery of powerful words. Straight into saved folder!

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Very good in every way...so glad that I clicked on this...a wonderful song and performance...

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Such power in your words and soft sung delivery. The guitar is very nice also. Beautiful song

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So much keen observation in this, right from the initial village/town/city examination. "And the mob is thirty seconds away" is something that I really wish we hadn't been shown the truth of on a weekly basis over the past few years. Dark? Just watch the news for five minutes. This is reportage...