That time is now

That time is now

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Liner Notes: 

I seem to have gotten myself into this brooding, atmospheric place today. I guess my muse thinks I need to work it out of my system. I actually sat down to write something upbeat to use for the Castle Dragondreams Jam Session... this came out instead. Biggrin

Intended as an instrumental only.



If there be a time for peace, a time for love, a time for dancing, a time for music... then that time is now.

That time is now!

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This is amazing! I loved all the twists and turns this piece has, never a dull moment. I really enjoyed it. Good job!

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Love the sounds, the energy and the variation. Enjoyed listening.

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This is really amazing and wonderful - I love the different sections from the almost harp like sounding strings to the driving beat and the incredible violin and choral parts. There almost haunting quality in the beginning gives rise to a sense of excitement and anticipation that resolve beautifully. Listening again and loving it!

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Wow, what a ride! You're such an amazing producer as well as a talented musician. I got a real Mike Oldfield vibe. Well done!

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Is a story in its self. Keeps moving on, i could see this with a video or slideshow moving along. Very nice.

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Just listened to this whilst eating my gluten free sugar free muesli and organic soya milk.... oh and a bad for me cappuccino too !
It's beautiful, gentle, sublime and very interesting to listen to. I can perceive the definite storyline as it progresses.

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Very nice atmospheric piece.

Can you let me have the stems for a remix?

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How did I miss this one? It's gorgeous! Harks back to 'Ommadawn' in places with those huge drums and the lush acoustic guitars. Brooding and atmospheric very much the mood here today as I listen to the rain hammering against the windows...